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A tracker rate mortgage is a variable rate mortgage which has a fixed upper rate limit (the cap).
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Tracker Rate Mortgages Questions and Answers

A tracker rate mortgage plan got its name because it will track the BOE ( Bank of England Base Rate ) plus an agreed margin

Yes as the BOE rate which is reviewed each month, changes your monthly repayment will reflect any change, up or down.

Some lenders have a “ collar “ which means the rate cannot fall under the collar.

Yes some lenders do allow you to switch to a fixed rate without penalty

Most Tracker Rate plans will allow you to overpay by normally 10% of the debt without penalty.

Important Considerations for Tracker Rate Mortgages

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Capped rate mortgages are a type of variable rate mortgage product, but with one important difference: they have an interest rate ceiling or “cap”, beyond which your monthly repayments can’t exceed. A capped rate mortgage is usually only for an introductory period between 1 to 5+ years.

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