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If you have been refused a mortgage by a lender does that mean that you will be turned down by other lenders.
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Turned down for a mortgage elsewhere? Can we help?

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Refused a Mortgage Elsewhere Questions and Answers

Yes other lenders will consider an application from you but too many searches by other lenders does not paint the right picture

No lender likes to see a history of Pay Day Style loans, but this would normally be accepted as long as there were none in the last 12 months

High Street lenders base their decision on points scored with in some cases no manual input from an underwriter unless it goes to appeal

Lending today is all about risk, and the Specialist Lenders will go the extra mile to help clients who would normally  be declined by the high street

In most circumstances the Specialist lenders will require a larger deposit than our friends on the high street, and this would be determined by the client’s credit profile. However, we are pleased to confirm that we now have a few Specialist Lenders who will consider applications at 95% LTV

We now have some lenders who will accept one year’s SA302

We would normally say six-months to be on the safe side, but if you are going from one job to a new job in the same trade and after three months you have completed any probationary period we could look to help you

No absolutely not, it would be seen as a Pay Day Style loan where you are paying a crazy rate of interest.

Turned Down for a Mortgage Elsewhere? Let us help!

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Turned Down for a Mortgage Elsewhere?

Struggling to get a Mortgage?

This has become quite a common occurrence when a client applies for a mortgage with a lender that bases their decision to lend, or not, on credit scoring and is declined by the lender for what maybe a small credit issue. The mortgage market has changed over the last few years and there now appears to be a fine line that exists between the High Street lenders and the specialist lenders, where the High Street lenders will decline nearly all applications where the client has had previous credit issues.

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Turned Down for a Mortgage Elsewhere? Let us help!

Types of Bad Credit


Turned down elsewhere? We can help!

Even if you have been refused a mortgage elsewhere we may still be able to help – we just love to say yes!

With over 40 years experience in the financial services industry A Mortgage 4 You can provide full support when it comes to assessing your circumstances and finding a suitable lender & deal based on your credit profile. So if you have been refused elsewhere – contact us to see how we can help.


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