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If you are looking to purchase in our capital city, London, then call us now as we are here and ready to help you, where we are used to dealing with enquiries to purchase property in terms of valuation and sometimes construction not seen in other parts of the UK.

In today’s very exciting property market, the slight ripple of concern following the decision to leave the EU seems to have been replaced by an acceptance that London is the first choice for many clients who work in the City or who have family or business connections in London and want to stay in that area.

We have a number of lenders who are looking at the high end of the property market, and we aim to move quickly to secure a mortgage where needed. Some of our lenders tend to take a slightly more flexible approach on affordability where clients have a secure career path with strong income stream. One of our lenders will consider up to 6x gross annual if they are happy with the client at 85% LTV.

The government have also made buying in London for first time buyers a little easier  with the Help To Buy Equity Loan Plan, where clients need only find a 5% deposit with the government putting in  55% to help first time buyers get their foot on the housing ladder.

If there are credit issues in terms of credit defaults, CCJ’S, Bankruptcy, IVA or Debt Management, we have lenders who are prepared to take a view of the credit profile, and depending upon when the adverse credit was registered, we can now offer mortgages at 95% LTV.

Some lenders also take a very different view on types of property in London, high rise flats and residential property above commercial premises that would not normally be considered outside of London.

We have over 50 years of experience in Financial Services, and we have the knowledge and experience to help you find the right lender to help you, on the most competitive terms. Please call us now if you would like to discuss your enquiry.

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More About London Mortgages

What is the attraction you may ask, a very safe home for your investment in what is a Global downturn in the financial and property markets. We have a culture in the UK that we want to own the property that we live in, as any young person starting out on their working lives will confirm. At some stage, not too far down the road they want to purchase property, and live in it.

Even in this horrible downturn in the property markets, the demand is still there, what is holding clients back, is the lack of funding by lenders who no longer seem to want the first time buyer requiring high loan to value mortgages. When RISK is the unspoken word by lenders, can we see the return of 95% mortgages being freely available to first time buyers, in short NO.

However properties in London are a very special case and although the main high street lenders are unwilling in most cases to lend at more than 75% LTV when the mortgage is in excess of 1mill, there are a number of private banks and specialist lenders who are actively seeking the high net worth clients, who are experienced in property, and they can, if they are happy with the client, lend up to 90% LTV.

You may think that you would have to pay a premium interest rate for that facility, but that is not the case. The fees charged do reflect the very special level of service that you would enjoy, but what the lender is looking for is to manage all of your financial affairs, banking, investment, pensions, wills and trusts. As we have often said, there is no such thing as a free lunch, but the price maybe worth paying to enable you to borrow at the required level.
We have built into our normal service level to would be mortgage applicants, a special service for clients who wish to borrow to borrow in excess of 1mill, and no doubt most of those clients will be based in and around the City of London.

We of course welcome enquiries from anywhere in the UK, because there are always parts of the country that attract high net worth clients who are looking for that little extra level of service which we feel we can provide.

Why not call Michael Alexander now on 03452 605506 or 07867 794837, and see how with over 40 years of experience in financial services as an Independent Mortgage Adviser, we can help you to achieve your goals.


The overall cost for comparison is 5% APR. The actual rate available will depend on your circumstances. Ask for a personalised illustration.