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Buy to Let Mortgages Questions and Answers

Many of the high street banks and building societies now offer a buy to let mortgage product, together with a number of specialist lenders who tend to concentrate on the investment property sector. However some are more competitive then others, and why not let us do the research for you. Independent mortgage brokers will also be able to recommend mortgage arrangements which are not available on the high street and which should meet your buy to let mortgage requirements on the most competitive terms. Here at a mortgage 4 you we have access to the full buy to let mortgage market and with our sourcing systems and over 40 years of experience in financial services, we will find you the most suitable product on the most competitive terms.

Did you know that buy to let mortgages become so popular in 2006 that 10% out of all mortgages taken were buy to let mortgages, that percentage is even higher today. The success of a buy to let mortgage is down to the increasing appreciation and popularity of buy to let as part of your investment portfolio. Property is a great way to invest money for the long term, with the stock market being far more volatile. The UK population is growing by the day, and with this comes the greater demand for rental property, which leaves the landlords in a positive situation.

Here at a mortgage 4 you we have helped many clients arrange a buy to let mortgage with competitive interest rates as well as other added bonuses. If you are interested in buy to let mortgages, or would like to apply for one then fill out our enquiry form or call us on 0800 802 1003.

  • High rise flats ( over 4 storeys )
  • Ex-local authority property each on its own merits )
  • Flats above shops ( down to the surveyor )
  • Non- standard construction
  • Properties let to DSS tenants
  • Properties let to more than one family
  • Flats where there is less than 50 years left on the lease at the end of the mortgage term
  • Flats where the landlord has disappeared and there is no formal management committee.

The key to buying a property as an investment is research, making sure that you purchase in an area where there is real demand for the type of property for rental, and what is a realistic rent. All lenders now build into the rent calculation a stress test that is based on what might happen to interest rates in the future, and what impact this may have on your ability to service the debt. Buying in the right area at the right price, with real demand for that type of property is essential to your success in the property market. Never buy on a whim, or after one visit, unless you have done your homework very well.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some forms of buy to lets, commercial loans or will writing, secured loans or bridging finance.

When clients are looking to invest for the future, property has always featured very strongly in any portfolio, and there is no reason to suggest that this will change in the foreseeable future.

Bricks and Mortar gives that positive sign of future growth without the ups and downs of the stock market where you may have to accept a higher risk profile to your investment. However as your Grandmother would have always said Do Not Put All of Your Eggs In One Basket. So spreading your investments across a wide range of products will be the key to long term growth with a positive result.

Getting your foot onto the investment property ladder via a Buy To Let property is an excellent way of testing the market and feeling comfortable with the risk and the treatment by HMRC. Before you even consider purchasing a BTL property talk to an Accountant or Tax adviser to see what is the best route for you to take either via a limited company or in your sole or joint names. The way in which BTL properties and the income are treated by HMRC has changed and may change gain in the future to reflect the housing shortage, so please make sure that you do your homework before you dip your toe into the BTL market.

Criteria for Applicants

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Property Criteria

Can We Help?

What landlords should always be aware of, is that the type of property and the location will always have an impact on how acceptable it maybe to lenders and how the underwriters are likely to view it. This highlights the importance of doing your own research into the property, not just for the lender, but what is the attraction now and in the foreseeable future for tenants.

It could be;

Competitive rent for the area
Access to certain schools
Near to current place of work
Access to road or rail links for business or pleasure
Strong demand for student let (HMO’s)
Seasonal demand at certain times of the year or AIRBNB

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A Mortgage 4 You has been helping prospective landlords and property owners wishing to diversify their portfolio for more than 40 years. We offer a personalised mortgage service – we understand your needs and requirements and look to source you the best deals with the most competitive terms.

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