Can I get a Mortgage if I am in a Debt Management Plan?

Can I get a Mortgage if I am in a Debt Management Plan?

The great news in todays very competitive mortgage market is that Yes we can help you, providing that during the time that you have been in the DM plan you have conducted this on a satisfactory basis.

For clients in this position the news gets even better when we advise you that at 85% LTV there is no minimum period of time during which you would have to have been in the DM plan as long as you have conducted the plan in a satisfactory manner.

On an even stronger note, when clients have been in the plan for a minimum period of 12 months we now have a lender who will consider a mortgage application at 95% LTV, how much better does it get when a very short time ago these applications would have been declined from Day one.

What our lenders are looking for is clients who may have got into financial difficulties in the past, but have now taken the opportunity to get back on track and can show good conduct of their financial affairs.

How do we take this forward, the first step is to obtain a copy of your credit file, which you can access for a one off payment by a debit card of £2, or you can opt to take advantage of the free one month trial offered by ;

When we have viewed your credit file we are then in a position to advise you correctly on what we are able to offer you and what terms may apply.

By viewing your credit file we are seeing the same level of information as viewed by the mortgage underwriter, and if there are any grey area’s we are then in a position to clarify how they would view this.

The very good news is that our lenders are looking to expand their loan book in these area’s and we are seeing rates and terms being under constant review to stay competitive in this market.

Call us now or request a call back to see how we may help you get on the property ladder or move to a new home.

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