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A capped rate mortgage is a variable rate mortgage which has a fixed upper rate limit (the cap).
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Capped Rate Mortgages Questions and Answers

A Capped Rate Mortgages give you the benefit of placing a CAP on the interest rate level that you may pay within a selected time frame.

it will give you the security of placing a ceiling on the level of interest that you may pay which will allow you to budget and arrange your finances accordingly during the period of time that the Cap has been agreed.

In todays mortgage market we have a low BOE base rate currently set at 0.75% and most clients are looking at fixing the rate for 5 or 10 years to take advantage of the low interest rates on offer.

Some lenders were offering a Cap on the interest rate level going up, and a collar on the rate going down. This however favours the lender not the client

Important Considerations for Capped Rate Mortgages

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Capped Mortgages

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Capped rate mortgages are a type of variable rate mortgage product, but with one important difference: they have an interest rate ceiling or “cap”, beyond which your monthly repayments can’t exceed. A capped rate mortgage is usually only for an introductory period between 1 to 5+ years.

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What is a capped interest rate?

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