Mortgage with County Court Judgements

Whether your CCJs are satisfied or not - we may be able to help you with a mortgage product to meet your needs.
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Can we help you get a mortgage even if you have CCJs?

YES We Can


Getting a Mortgage with County Court Judgements Questions and Answers

Answer: Yes it will if your current credit profile is poor and it would appear that you are struggling financially.  What lenders are looking for is good conduct of your financial affairs since discharge.

Answer: Yes, you should always access your credit file yourself to see how lenders will view your credit profile. You can access your file for a one off payment of £2 from

Yes the more historical the CCJ is, the more favourable view the lender will take

Not all lenders require the CCJ to be satisfied, but it would always open the underwriting door a little bit wider if it is satisfied

This will very much depend on the date the CCJ was registered, but in all cases the larger deposit you have, the more attractive the terms will be from the lender

Most lenders would require no CCJ’s in the last 12 months and no more than two or three within the last 24 months

Yes the size of the CCJ does have an impact, if it is considered to be a very large CCJ the lender may restrict their level of borrowing, and we do have a lender who will ignore CCJ’s of less than £300

At 95 % LTV no CCJ’s within the last 36 months and at 90% LTV none within the last 24 months at 85% LTV two within the last 24 months but none within the last six months.

Getting a Mortgage with County Court Judgements

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Can We Help?

This is a question that many clients ask because in almost all cases the High Street lenders would refuse an application where the client has a CCJ (County Court Judgement). This is based on the fact that High Street lenders make their decision to lend on credit scoring, which can be quite unforgiving and does not take into account how or why the CCJ was registered.

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Getting a Mortgage with a CCJ

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Turned down elsewhere? We can help!

Whether you have been discharged 3 years or 12 months – it doesn’t matter, we can help.

We’ve been helping discharged bankrupts get back on to their feet and back on to the property ladder despite their circumstances.  Arranging a bad credit mortgage or mortgage product for discharged bankrupts is a scenario we regularly deal with.  Even if you have a history of bankruptcy and resposession we have access to whole of market lenders who will consider your application on various factors.

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