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Looking for a Buy to Let Mortgage but have a bad or poor credit history? We can help.
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Can we help you get a buy to let mortgage with bad credit?

YES We Can


Buy to Let with Bad Credit Questions and Answers

Answer: The answer is yes subject the lenders criteria

With the changes made to how BTL landlords are now viewed by HMRC it is more difficult to place a mortgage because of the higher interest rates that may apply which makes some cases fail the rental stress test

In view of the changes to taxation made by HMRC which do impact on landlords, it does make sense to seek advice from your Accountant or Tax Advisor on how you should purchase any BTL property going forward.

In general terms yes, as lenders can see the benefits in the short and in the long term for the client

Yes you should as the stress test on the rental income will always favour the long term fixed rate, and it would not be unreasonable to expect interest rates to rise in the long term

HMRC Tax Rules – Renting out a property & running a property business

Relevant Products for Those Looking for a Buy to Let

Buy to Let Mortgages

On a very positive note we now have far more lenders who will accept a degree of historical bad or adverse credit in this very competitive market.

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Mortgage for Discharged Bankrupts

We offer a range of mortgage products for those who are discharged bankrupts. Even if you’ve only been discharged for a short period of time we can help.

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Learn more about our buy to let mortgage products and how we could help you source a mortgage.

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Bad Credit Mortgages

If you have bad or adverse credit we may be able to help you secure a mortgage – from IVAs to CCJs, Discharged Bankruptcy and more – A Mortgage 4 You can say YES.

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Mortgage with CCJs

Getting a mortgage with CCJ’S has become easier with the new specialist lenders who have come to the market looking to help clients who have had credit problems in the past.

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Competitive Rates from Lenders

What we now have on the table for most but not all clients is access to a mortgage at 70% LTV one year after discharge at a penal interest rate, and after two years 75% LTV.. It starts to become more interesting three years after discharge when at 75% LTV and in some cases 80% LTV,the product range available to the client is the same as any other client, and after four years another lender offers the complete range of mortgage products.


Buy to Let with Poor Credit History

Types of Bad Credit


Turned down elsewhere? We can help!

Whether you have been discharged 3 years or 12 months – it doesn’t matter, we can help.

We’ve been helping discharged bankrupts get back on to their feet and back on to the property ladder despite their circumstances.  Arranging a bad credit mortgage or mortgage product for discharged bankrupts is a scenario we regularly deal with.  Even if you have a history of bankruptcy and resposession we have access to whole of market lenders who will consider your application on various factors.

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