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Bad Credit? No Problem.

What some High Street lenders consider to be Bad Credit, such as late or missed payments on credit cards or loans, may be viewed in a different light by the specialist lenders who take a more flexible view. They tend to base their decisions based on as and when the bad credit issues occurred and what the current position is. The repayment history is considered in addition to the reason for any repayment issues.

When we receive mortgage enquiries from clients who have been discharged from bankruptcy or an IVA (individual voluntary arrangement) we are looking at a very specialist market in which we enjoy showing our expertise and our very strong relationship with the lenders who are prepared to lend in these circumstances.

Our relationship with these lenders has been built up over many years and they always keep us updated on lending criteria changes in order that we are aware of their current position in a very fast changing market. This relationship enables A Mortgage 4 You to place your enquiry with the most appropriate lender who will agree the case, if it can be done, on competitive terms.

This is an ever-changing market, which not only reflects the clients credit profile, but also how the lenders perceive the housing market going forward. A positive forecast of growth in the property market will always be reflected by the attitude of the underwriters as to what level of adverse they will accept, and the terms on offer from these lenders.

What clients should always understand is that lenders will always take a more positive view on any application where the Bad Credit is historical or has been satisfied. This gives an underwriter a degree of confidence to lend to this client. One of the other major factors that any underwriter will take into consideration is the loan to value.


This of course is reflected by the size of deposit that the client can put into a purchase, or the amount of equity available when remortgaging. A large deposit, or equity, reflects in the risk taken by the lender when they are underwriting the application. A low loan to value gives the lender more confidence when they considering what may be viewed as a high-risk application, and this would also be reflected in the terms offered by the lender.

One of the other factors that underwriters will always look at very carefully is an applicant’s employment. The longer that you have been employed, or self-employed, with earnings that reflect your current position and stability going forward,  the more confidence any underwriter would have in agreeing an application.



We can source a 95% LTV mortgage, subject to your credit profile, which makes allowance for how historical your bad or poor credit profile is, which you have satisfied or come to an arrangement with your creditors. To see which mortgage product you may qualify for, we welcome your call on 0800 802 1003 or compete a call back request to enable us to discuss your plans and advise you what maybe possible.


Here to Help


If you come to us for advice and help in arranging a mortgage with a bad or poor credit profile, we can advise you if you would be eligible for the following products and what terms and costs would be linked to that product.

  • Mortgage to purchase a property
  • A re-mortgage
  • Help to Buy equity loan scheme
  • Shared Ownership
  • Right to Acquire

We are very experienced Mortgage Brokers, with many years spent in the Financial Services sector, which we use to provide you with a very high level of accurate and important information regarding your current position in the market and how best we may help and advise you going forward. If you are eligible for a mortgage our job is to provide you with the best and most appropriate terms that are available in the market today.

If we cannot help you today, we will advise you when you maybe accepted by a lender, and if there is anything that you can do to improve your current position and what to avoid that may have a detrimental impact on your credit profile.

Bad Credit Questions and Answers

Yes – We can help you even when you have just been discharged from bankruptcy.  After each anniversary following discharge the terms get better, until the 3rd year when you would be considered on High Street rates.

No – If you have CCJ’s that are more than 24 months old we have lenders that will ignore them, and if they are inside that period we have lenders that will consider an application even if you have a CCJ registered 7 months ago.

With some lenders CCJ’s of less than £300 will be ignored.

No – If you have credit defaults that are outside of 24 months we have lenders that will ignore them. Some lenders will ignore defaults registered for communication (mobile phones), some utilities and smaller sized defaults. We have lenders that will consider an application even if the default is registered 7 months ago

Yes – Ideally historical mortgage arrears, with none registered in the last 24 months.  However, on a low loan to value (generally a maximum of 75%) we have lenders who will consider an application as long as there have been no missed/late payments within the last 6 months.  Please be aware that we would need to see your credit file to see what the maximum status showed at any given time.

Yes – late or missed payments on unsecured credit are considered by many lenders, but we do need to see the credit file to check on the status of those late or missed payments.

Yes – If you have a discharged Debt Relief order we can help you.  After each anniversary following discharge the terms get better, until the 3rd year when you would be considered on High Street rates.

Discharged 1 year  70% LTV

Discharged 2 years 75% LTV

Discharged 3  years 75% to 90% LTV ( 95% LTV in Wales only )  on High Street Lending Terms

Discharged 4 years 95% LTV on High Street Lending Terms

Yes – Even though Pay Day loans are not good news for clients looking for a mortgage, as they are viewed as bad money management, some lenders will consider a mortgage as long as there have been none in the last 12 months.  There are lenders who will consider no Pay Day Loans within the last six months depending upon the amount of deposit that you have, a low loan to value is seen as a lower risk to the lender

Yes – As long as the IVA has been registered at least 12 months and has been satisfactorily conducted we have lenders who will consider this on a low loan to value, normally to a maximum of 70%


As long as the DM plan has been active for at least 12 months and has been conducted on a satisfactory basis we can offer you a mortgage at 90% LTV subject to passing the affordability calculation. If the DM plan has been in force for three years we could consider a mortgage at 95% LTV.

Yes – subject to affordability based on your first years’ accounting information.

Yes – Many lenders no longer credit score and will lend based on manual underwriting  rather than a computer based decision.

Yes – Lenders currently work on affordability calculations which take into account your lifestyle costs so by completing a budget planner with us we can guide you on the amount of mortgage that may be available to you.

Yes – You can either seek consent to let from your current lender or remortgage the existing property onto a Buy to Let mortgage.


Yes – We have lenders who are willing to consider this, some would not require you to put a deposit in yourself, however this depends upon when, and what bad credit is registered.

Yes – We have a number of lenders who can help, even if you have bad credit registered on your credit file. If you are wondering can i get a mortgage on a low income the answer is yes.

Yes – We have a number of lenders who can help, even if you have bad credit registered on your credit file.

Yes – However these are generally based on your earned income/affordability rather than anticipated rental income and the maximum loan to value is normally 75%

Yes – There are new products being launched by many lenders on a regular basis, therefore please contact us on 0800 802 1003 to discuss these with you, for your own personal circumstances and needs.


Yes – Your credit profile can be improved by doing the following:

  • Appearing on the electoral roll.
  • Making sure that you never use more than 50% of your available credit limits.
  • Ensuring that you make payments on time for all credit commitments you have including utilities
  • Budgeting your finances and not living beyond your means


Yes – You should always obtain a copy of your credit file prior to considering a mortgage so that we can see how bad credit mortgage lenders may view you. You can obtain a copy of your credit file for a one off payment of £2 from:




There are a number of other providers who offer a free service but the level of information provided is not as in depth.

Yes you can with basically the same rules that apply on a mortgage to purchase a property, but you should seek advice before you proceed if you are looking to consolidate any of your unsecured debts within the new mortgage. Most lenders would be happy to consider the debt consolidation as it would improve your cash flow, which would then have a positive impact on affordability, but you are reducing the equity in your property and the short term debts would then become loan term debts. If you wish to consider the re-mortgage to solve these problems we would recommend that you factor into your affordability the ability to over pay your mortgage to reduce the mortgage term.

What factors may have a negative impact on my credit score?

Bad Credit Mortgage Products

Buy to Let Mortgages

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On a very positive note we now have far more lenders who will accept a degree of historical bad or adverse credit in this very competitive market.

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Turned down elsewhere? We can help!

We specialise in finding mortgages for people with bad credit and people that have been discharged from bankruptcy. Arranging mortgages after bankruptcy faces significantly more challenges than standard mortgages but the key is to know who to approach in these types of situations and with many years’ of experience in this market, it has meant that we have formed relationships with just the sort of lenders who are happy to work in this area.

What can I do to improve my credit profile??


What We Specialise In



How do you know if you have adverse credit?

How do I access my credit file?

Factors That Could Impact Your Credit File & Lender Decision Making

What are poor & bad credit mortgages?


Turned down elsewhere? We can help!

Your credit history however is the main factor when it comes to Bad Credit mortgages and any adverse credit on your file will remain there for six years paid or not.

What do our lenders do that is different apart from the underwriting, well if they are going to accept what is a higher perceived risk, they will balance this by asking for a higher deposit, normally 20/25 % of the purchase price or valuation and you may find that the interest rate margin is slightly higher.

Each of our lenders who accept mortgage applications with an element of bad/adverse credit will want to know exactly when the problem occurred and when it was satisfied. The only way in which you can answer those questions is to obtain a copy of your statutory credit file from Experian at a cost of £2 payable by credit or debit card. Please log onto Experian or Equifax.

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