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Welcome to A Mortgage 4 You!

Bad Credit Mortgages

Welcome to a Mortgage 4 You the mortgage specialists who are here to help clients who have had a Bad Credit history, or who are discharged Bankrupts, or have been in an IVA. Why can we help you when most lenders or Brokers cannot help, because we make it our business to form relationships with lenders who base their decision to lend on a manual underwriting decision, and not on how many points you have scored. With over 50 years of experience in financial services, we know our business and we are here to help you, call me now, Michael Alexander on 03452 605506, you may just get a pleasant surprise.

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With most lenders in the market today credit scoring and credit checking, any Bad or Poor credit history that remains on your credit file will have a negative impact on how most lenders will view you for mortgage purposes.

Your credit file covers the history of how you have managed your credit and mortgage arrangements over the last six years. Any late or missed payments, credit defaults, CCJ’s, Bankruptcy or an IVA, could mean that you will fail the credit score and be declined by the lender.

Bad Credit Mortgages - Why we are different

Why are we so different from most lenders and other brokers and how is it that we maybe able to help you and they cannot?  Very simply we are prepared to go the extra mile, and having built up an excellent relationship with Key Lenders who will accept a degree of Bad and Poor credit history, we will have a very good idea very early on, when we are aware of your credit history, if we can help you, and where your application may fit with our lenders.

What are our lenders looking for when they are making a decision to see if they can help you? The major difference with most of our lenders is that they will credit check you,  to see what your credit file reveals, but they do not credit score you. The decision to lend is made by an underwriter, a real person, not by a computer depending upon how many points you score. You are treated as an individual, how and when your problems occurred and how you have dealt with them will be taken into account, when our lenders consider your application.

Does this mean that we can help everyone?  No sadly not, but we are always looking to present your application in its best light, with written explanations covering any adverse credit, and if it has now been satisfied.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ in this very difficult market, but the more historical the Bad or Poor credit is, with an acceptable explanation, and the fact that it may now have been satisfied, will help us to build a case as to why the lender should help us. Any Bad or Poor credit that is more that 2 years historical, and satisfied or not, will in some cases be ignored.

What you may have to accept, depending upon the degree of adverse credit and when it occurred, is that the lender may ask for a larger deposit and the interest rate maybe a little more than someone who has an A1 credit score. But it is our job to try and find you the most competitive terms for you in your given circumstances, and if we cannot help you for whatever reason, we will advise you as quickly as possible.

You will find with our lenders that even in this very difficult market, our lenders want to help you if they can. Most people will have a financial dip in their lifetime, but it is how you have dealt with that dip, and that we can assure our lender it was a one off. Consistent bad payers will never change, and it is not them that we are looking to help.

We have an excellent relationship with our lenders for sending them good clients, who may have been down but are now very much back on the way up.  It’s you that we want to help, and if it can be done we will do it.

You have nothing to lose by picking up the phone and calling us, or email and request a call back. We are here to help you and we will always do best to find a lender that will help us, and we know that no one fights any harder for our clients’ than we do.
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