Secured Loans – Second Charge Mortgages

If you need to raise money for any legal purpose, why should you consider using a secured loan rather than a re-mortgage or any other method?

  1. Secured loans are very quick to arrange. Release of funds can potentially be within two to three weeks on nearly all cases.
  2. The fees are rolled up into the loan, making it very user friendly.
  3. Our lenders accept Bad Credit that most first charge lenders would decline.
  4. Affordability is much more flexible on a secured loan with sometimes up to 6x income being achieved.
  5. Loans can be used for the following purposes:
  • Paying off existing debt for credit cards or loans
  • Home improvements
  • Purchase of a car
  • Raising a deposit to buy a second property
  • Paying off a Tax or Vat demand
  • For any legal purpose

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