Mortgages For Discharged Bankrupts

For most clients the future must seem very bleak having been made Bankrupt, with most products in Financial Services world being out of their reach. We are very proud and pleased to advise you that ONE YEAR after you have been discharged from bankruptcy we are able to offer you a mortgage facility provided that you have not had any further adverse credit since discharge.

We can also make you smile, by advising you that each year thereafter,  following discharge, the terms and conditions of the mortgage products that you  may access, will improve, with high street terms being available three years after discharge, from some of our lenders who still make common-sense decisions based on a manual underwrite.

Yes you maybe asked to find a bigger deposit than some other clients, but three years after discharge, the terms and conditions you will receive are the same as any other client. How much better does it get.

Michael J Alexander………….

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