Mortgages and House Purchase May 2019

With all of the uncertainty in the financial markets due to the unsolved problem of Brexit, is now a good time to buy a property particularly if you have a Poor or Bad Credit profile. The good news is for first time buyers this is an excellent opportunity to get onto the property ladder and purchase at below market value. In plain English it is a great time to buy a property, and not a very good time to sell one. The property market has been slowing down with all of the issues surrounding will we or will we not leave the EU, and if we do on what terms. All of uncertainties’ have made buyers very wary and those trying to sell a property have had to accept with the lack of buyers around they will not achieve a sale at full market value. What most First Time Buyers have not realised what a great opportunity they have to purchase at under market value  and enjoy the increase in the value of the property once the market has settled down, this is a real chance of a bargain do Not miss out.

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