Is This a Good Time To Get On The Property Ladder

With all the uncertainty in the UK at this time because of the issues regarding will we, or will we not leave the EU should we be looking to buy a property ? The answer in today’s property market is very clear, this is probably the best time to buy a property since the recession back in 2008. Property prices have fallen in most parts of the UK because of the uncertainty, and lenders are constantly reviewing their products to be as competitive as they can in this very difficult market. We are seeing interest rates being trimmed, with some of the most attractive long term rates we have ever seen. If you are considering a mortgage look long term with the 5 and 10 year rates being so attractive and may never be repeated. We are also seeing lenders reviewing their mortgage criteria with a number of tweaks that can make the difference between a yes or no from the underwriter particularly where the client may have a degree of adverse credit which would point towards the Specialist Lenders where the competition is very strong for new business. Do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity to get on the housing ladder and purchase below market value with the help of some very attractive mortgage products. We are here to help you and look forward to hearing from you 03452 605506

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